This Month of MAY 2022 SCORPIO Horoscope

Dear Scorpio

Venus, your love planet, went ‘out of bounds’ on April 13 2022 and will remain so all this month of May 2022. You are way outside your normal sphere in both love and your spiritual life. It could be that singles are dating more ‘exotic’ people than normal, or that the search for love takes you to new places. You are exploring spiritual systems and practices that are outside the norm as well. 

You feel there are no answers in your normal sphere and thus have a need to go beyond. In unknown territory the social confidence is weakened – this is especially so after the 13th as Venus starts to retrograde. So enjoy your love life (it is exciting and adventurous) but don’t make important decisions just yet – and especially not after the 13th .

Pluto is the ruler of the 8th house and the sign Scorpio.

Themes of death and re-birth, cyclic growth and transformation, alchemy and power come under Pluto. There is intensity and spiritual maturity, empathy and a strong intuition. Intuitive abilities can be used for considerable effect and transformation on both an individual and collective scale. 

Renewal, endings & beginnings, destruction leading to creation, conscious and mindful action... all Pluto. Power and control can be expressed in a healthy and empowering way when there's a positive placement, and self-empowerment arises when we are aware of the themes showing up in our lives, themes and cycles that either need strengthening and developing, or releasing. 

There is a dark side to Pluto, however. An excessive need for power, control, domination (world or personal) and obsessiveness come under Pluto's realm. Shadow traits include possessiveness, jealousy, envy, greed, destruction, resentfulness and a need for revenge; feelings of betrayal, rejection or abandonment can lead to some very manipulative tactics. Sensitives can turn into hypersensitivities too. In saying this, searching for truth and life's deeper meanings are associated with Pluto. Self-mastery is attainable; self-mastery in mind, body, emotion and spirit, or one's path and chosen skill(s). Pluto's glyph symbolizes the circle (spirit) over the crescent (receptivity) and the cross (matter), a receptivity to super consciousness. Also, a connection to spirit and the "underworld" (the subconscious) is valued above the physical, earthly and material planes.